Property Rental Laws Malta


Long private residential lease – The minimum duration of this lease will be a year. The owner should inform the tenant before 3 months of the expiry date through a registration letter. Otherwise, as per the norms it will automatically gets renewal.

Short private residential lease – This lease is for tenants, who stay for short period that is up to 6 months. It gets terminated automatically after the expiry date.

Moving to Malta – All you need to know



Malta has a wide variety of houses such as traditional Maltese, modern apartments, and houses made with gold stone, marble floor, and others. A buyer can choose the suitable house as per the taste and convenience.

It has fantastic climate ranging from 15 degree Celsius in winter to 40 degree Celsius during summer. You can enjoy the hot summer baths in August.

Gozo, Gozo, Gozo, my Dear Gozo!

Malta is a well known visitor goal because of its lovely coastlines and rich history, however on the off chance that you truly need to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything, you must visit Gozo. With probably the most marvelous landscape, lovely shorelines, and captivating chronicled locales in Malta, visiting Gozo truly is an occasion to recall.


Regularly sited as the best shoreline on Gozo, it is unquestionably Gozo’s just genuinely sandy shoreline, with the profound yellow sand flawlessly delicate underneath your feet. Due to its ideal spot, delicate sand and incredibly clear water, it can get insufferably occupied in the tallness of summer, so it’s ideal to arrive before the actual arranged time toward the beginning of the day or later at night to maintain a strategic distance from the groups. Lawn chairs and umbrellas are accessible to lease, and there is a bar and a dessert truck for all time left on the passage to the shoreline. On the off chance that sitting around in the sun gets exhausting, Calypso Cave is very adjacent, just like the remaining parts of a Roman estate manufactured right around 2,000 years prior.

One of the most well known vacation destinations in Gozo, voyages through the Tal-Massar Winery encourage guests about the wines delivered in the winery, the wine making process and the historical backdrop of the vineyard. The vineyard itself is wonderful in its sheer scope with the ocean in the far separation. Visitors can share in wine sampling joined by three customary valid Gozitan treats – galletti (Gozitan saltines) with plunges, Gozitan sheep cheddar and conventional bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cold squeezed Gozitan olive oil.

There are numerous excellent and tranquil chapels in Gozo, however Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu Basilica is one of the most fantastic. It is situated on the edge of a sheer coastline bluff, giving stunning perspectives and a very quieting environment. Its birthplaces are obscure however records of it go back to in any event 1534. The Basilica gives a wide scope of profound and religious services, however guests can likewise simply visit to respect the figures and design. Affirmation is free however guests mustn’t wear shorts and ladies should cover their shoulders out of regard of religious customs.

What are the trends in Malta – property talk

According to this article the property prices in Malta are rising


This have definitely changed in a thousand years 🙂

In the second quarter of 2018, Malta’s real estate prices increased (16.9% on a 12-months basis, over the year before) by more than anywhere else in the world.

That number is according to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index. Malta came in third at the end of 2016 and a respectable 20th at the end of ‘15.

That consistent track record establishes real estate in Malta as one of the best investments in Europe. A rough analysis says that the price appreciation is not because the government changed a rule that made it easier to buy a house or bank’s started issuing easier credit in Malta.

The price appreciation for real estate in Malta is almost definitely because of economic growth fueled by job creation and some element of speculation.

It’s worth noting that any property price index for Malta is based on asking prices. That’s because final transaction prices are not published publicly.

Obtaining a property in Malta

The initial phase in obtaining property in Malta is to procure a legal official open. He will hold up the Application for Immovable Property (AIP) for the benefit of the purchaser (whenever required) and aid the purchasing procedure also.

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When a property has been picked, contact the dealer or home specialist to make an offer. Upon acknowledgment, the legal official will be in charge of drawing up a buy understanding – otherwise called a konvenju or convenium. In the event that the terms of agreement host been settled by the two gatherings, continue with marking the record.

Malta extravagance summer homes Upon mark of the agreement, the purchaser pays 10% of the selling cost as store. One percent (1%) stamp obligation should likewise be given up to the legal official open for enrollment of the buy understanding and installment to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

The buy understanding is normally legitimate for a quarter of a year. During this term, the legal official will perform due constancy to demonstrate credibility of possession. At the point when this has been practiced, he will set up the Final Deed for marking of the two gatherings. The funds owed on the selling cost and stamp obligation must be paid after marking. This flag the finish of the deal.

Commentaries to Transaction Costs Table

The round outing exchange expenses incorporate all expenses of purchasing and afterward exchanging a property – legal advisors’ charges, legal officials’ charges, enrollment expenses, imposes, operators’ charges, and so forth.

Stamp obligation:

Stamp obligation on property moves is for the most part imposed at a level pace of 5% on the property estimation.

The temporary stamp obligation of 1% is payable when the when the public accountant enrolls the guarantee of offer with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). The rest of the stamp obligation of 4% is payable inside 15 days after the marking of the last deed of offer.

Public accountant Fee

Public accountant expense is for the most part around 0.40% to1% of the property estimation.